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Progress in Gasochromic WO3 Thin Films

wallpapers News 2016-10-14
        Tungsten oxide thin films have wide applications in the fields of smart windows and sensors due to their special physical and chemical properties. To make tungsten oxide thin films with gasochromic property in practical applications, novel nanostructured WO3 thin films are needed to be produced. Magnetron sputtering is an effective method to produce WO3 thin films in industry. Glancing angle magnetron sputtering deposition is a new technology which is developed based on traditional magnetron sputtering, and it is used to deposit high crystalline, large surface area and well-ordered nanostructured WO3 thin films by inclining the substrate to a certain angle. In this paper, the effects of magnetron sputtering parameters, including oxygen partial pressure, annealing temperature and deposition power on the composition, morphology and crystal structure of WO3 thin films are summarized. The unique advantages of glancing angle magnetron sputtering are emphasized. The applications of nanostructured tungsten oxide thin films on smart windows and gas sensors are introduced. Finally, the problems inhered in glancing angle magnetron sputtering deposition of tungsten oxide thin films and its future developments are proposed.