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Life Cycle Assessment Research on Engineering Nanomaterials

wallpapers News 2016-10-20
       Due to their superior magnetism, electric conductivity, reaction activities optical properties and so on, engineering nanomaterials are widely applied in microelectronics, catalysis, fuel cell technology, materials science, biotechnology & medicine and other fields. However, combining with their excellent function and outstanding feature, their potential impacts on the resources, energy, environment and human health are becoming concerns. It is of great significance for material science development, environmental protection and sustainable development of ENMs to identify these impacts. As an integrated and comprehensive evaluation method, life cycle assessment (LCA) is highly recommended to evaluate not only their efficiency of resource and energy, but also their environmental impacts, which includes the various techniques, processes and productions of ENMs. The aim of this paper is to review the existing research on life cycle energy consumption analysis, environmental impact assessment and environmental release analysis of ENMs based on LCA methodology. The difficulties and issues in the research were summarized and the perspective of future research was also put forward.